Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Finnaly im done with my TID powerpoint project.In this assignment i need to create 10 pages powerpoint presentation to support a campaign with the theme "Save the Earth".It may sound easy but i am really tired doing this project.Its took about 5 days to finish with this powerpoint but at the end im not really satisfied with the result.Urm..i think my friend's project much better than me..well,maybe im not a "powerpoint expert"..!Haha.(i will improve my skill lorh)

Everyone of you that our mother earth are really realy realy sick and we as a human being live on it doing nothing to save our beloved mother?(i mean not all larh..most of us).Everyone always think to do a big think.We forget that we also can make a contribution.

Our land is in trouble it needs your help,
So are the oceans, the coral, the kelp.
There must be a way for all to unite,
To stop the earth from a disastrous fright.
We can't leave this world a barren waste land,
But luscious and fertile, as many creatures as there are sand.
We're destroying our jungles, our forests our beaches,
Taking away what is the earth's like billions of leaches.
Few Natural Habitats are left on the globe,
All are scattered like the beats of a strobe.
We welcome you to an endangered land,
To show you how animals dwindle like an hour glass's sand.
Only you can help to save our earth,
And hopefully, with care give it a rebirth.